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Digital Project Management and Enterprise Transformation in Cyprus

The target groups for this programme are:

  • General and functional managers of small enterprises that understand the need for digital transformation of their enterprises. This is a multi-sectoral need, and involves everything from the need to relate to diverse customer groups on social media, to the need to settle transactions online. It covers the full range of online services, including payroll and HR management, salesforce management, customer relationship management (CRM), online marketing and advertising, customer research (online polling and surveys), demographic segmentation and management, social media branding and marketing, etc.

  • General and functional managers of small enterprises that are contracting digital services, such as web design, web applications development, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, branded online advertising campaigns, Facebook advertising campaigns, and similar services.

  • Managers of small companies contracting software development and implementation projects, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), salesforce, human resources, stock and inventory control, accounting and financial management systems and equivalent projects. These may be server-based or cloud-based, or hybrid systems.

  • General and functional managers of web design and IT firms that require a systematic project management methodology for delivering IT-related and web development projects. These include web designers, digital marketing agencies, search engine marketing firms, and others.

  • General and functional managers of media and advertising companies that offer digital marketing services, and are interested in improving their project management skills and methods in this area.

Participant Profile

Digital Project Management & Enterprise Transformation in Cyprus

Nicosia Hilton Hotel: 14-15 November 2017. 


Mr. Christos Tanteles

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

tel. 22-889-840 | Email:

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