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Entrepreneurship Programmes

CIE Entrepreneurship Programmes

We support universities, research institutes, companies and regions structure entrepreneurship programmes.


Entrepreneurship programmes unleash the creating potential of students, staff, partners and other stakeholders in an organisation.


For large companies, we structure intrapreneurship programmes, designed to improve performance and engagement by involving staff in areas such as business or service start-ups or spin-offs or generating performance and process improvement ideas.


We also set up open innovation programmes: structured engagements by which a company or university can solicit external engagement for key research interests, problem solving, or product/service development.


For universities and educational institutions, we support the strategic planning and launch of:


  • Start-up competitions

  • Hackathons

  • Inventor or innovator awards

  • Business innovation or start-up centres

  • Science park development

  • International student / researcher exchanges

  • R&D commercialisation programmes

  • Open innovation initiatives

  • EU-funded initiatives under Horizon 2020, Erasmus and other programmes


Contact us to help you structure your entrepreneurship programme. 

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