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Digital Project Management and Enterprise Transformation in Cyprus

All participating enterprises are entitled to a 1-day consultation and training session by the trainer. This takes place in each company, and is used to focus on the specific development and training requirements of each enterprise. 


During the visit, we will: 

  1. Analyse the core business model and customer segments

  2. Assess current digital interactions and state of the art

  3. Inventory and assess the current stage of digital transformation

  4. Map out the digital transformation potential and path

  5. Identify digital projects the company is launching or has launched

  6. Apply the digital project management methodologies to planned or existing projects

  7. Identify key risks and weaknesses as well as strengths and opportunities

  8. Review and develop budgets and ROI frameworks

  9. Develop a 5-year future strategy for digital transformation

Company Visit

Digital Project Management & Enterprise Transformation in Cyprus

Nicosia Hilton Hotel: 14-15 November 2017. 


Mr. Christos Tanteles

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

tel. 22-889-840 | Email:

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