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CIE Consulting Services

We offer results-oriented consultancy support on a number of innovation and entrepreneurship-related issues, including:


  • Start-up Planning: Financial analysis, market assessment, technology assessment, financial modelling (integrated financial models), etc.


  • Due Diligence on Start-ups: Technical and market verification and validation


  • Corporate Investment Promotion Services: Company valuation, term sheet development, funding rounds, fundraising


  • Regional Investment Promotion Services: Marketing campaign planning, investment roadshows, public relations, journalism outreach, online marketing


  • Open Innovation Programmes: Structuring open innovation systems and programmes for companies, institutions and regions


  • Strategic Organisational Development: Support for business clusters, science parks, start-up centres, business innovation centres, incubators and investment promotion agencies


  • Internationalisation: Strategic internationalisation for start-ups, entrepreneurs and high tech companies, focussing on market analysis, international expansion planning, joint ventures, licensing agreements, alliances and other cooperation methods


We have a strong international network in Europe and the United States that  supports our consultancy activities.


For further information, please contact us. 

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