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Tactical Sales & Online Marketing for the Cyprus Tourism Sector


Navigator Consulting and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry are organising a strategic training programme at the Alion Hotel in Asia Napa on 22-23 May 2018. 


Entitled Tactical Sales and Online Marketing for the Cyprus Tourism Sector, this 2-day training addresses the key challenges faced by Cyprus tourism enterprises in adapting to and competing in a digital world. 

Participation is open to all tourism and travel-related enterprises registered in Cyprus: participation is free, but Value-Added Tax is applicable. 


Interested executives should contact Mr. Christos Tanteles at the Chamber, tel. 22-889-840, for further information.


This programme addresses the complexity and challenges of customer segmentation, online marketing and inventory management for Cyprus hotelliers and travel agents.

In an increasingly challenging sector, Cypriot travel providers much develop a much more segmented and tailored approach towards marketing. This includes:

  1. The identification of customer segments and micro-segments based on customer location and demographics; holiday opportunities; and unique selling propositions;

  2. The definition of special offers tailor-made towards specific segments;

  3. Direct marketing towards segments, supported by social media and content marketing;

  4. Campaign monitoring, continual innovation and adaptation.


Today, the technology exists online to market directly at relatively low cost. This 2-day training programme will cover some of the most important issues in tourism marketing today, including:

  • Capturing customer data and developing segmented databases

  • Developing high-impact newsletter marketing using Mailchimp

  • Effective Facebook advertising, including retargeting and lead marketing

  • Improving direct online sales via better special offers

  • Improving online sales funnel performance and user / customer experience.


The focus of the training is on developing and deploying cost-effective tools that lead to measurable and tangible results.

Consultancy visits will also be arranged with each participating company. The training will be led by Philip Ammerman.

The seminar costs are covered by the Human Resources Development Authority for eligible participants. For further information, please contact:

Mr. Christos Tanteles

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Tel. 22-889-840

Mr. Philip Ammerman
Navigator Consulting Group

Tactical Sales and Online Marketing for the Cyprus Travel Sector

Alion Hotel Ayia Napa: 22-23 May 2018. 


Mr. Christos Tanteles

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

tel. 22-889-840 | Email:

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