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Greece launches Elevate Greece

Elevate Greece is an initiative launched by Greek Government with the aim of identifying promising start-ups and supporting their growth in order to promote a robust innovation ecosystem.

Athens, Greece: 13 October 2020

The platform will include companies that meet two main characteristics: innovation and scalability. Inclusion will be judged by respected evaluators in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to networking and promotion, participating companies will benefit from benefits and sponsorship through official supporters from Elevate Greece.

Elevate Greece offers the following advantages for innovative start-ups:

  • International visibility. Possibility to promote innovative products and services;

  • Support measures offered by state authorities. State-aid schemes and other support measures;

  • Funding from Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors;

  • Networking opportunities;

  • Updates on events and business missions;

  • Job offers and employment vacancies. Possibility to find talented personnel using the platform.

To register at Elevate Greece, the company must meet the following operational criteria:

  • have a legal form: PC, LLC or SA with its head office in Greece or have a subsidiary or branch in Greece;

  • the company has been operating for less than 8 years since its establishment;the company has employed less than 250 full-time equivalents in the last year of operation;

  • have a turnover of not more than € 50 mln as recorded in the financial statements of the last financial year.

According to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, support for the start-up ecosystem sends a very important message to young people who moved abroad during the crisis:

“They are starting to think for the first time that they can return to their homeland. Because their homeland has the potential to create new jobs and meet their professional concerns”.

Navigator Consulting provides Investment Advisory, Strategic Management and support for tech start-ups in Cyprus, Greece and internationally. For further information, please contact

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Managing Director


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