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The University of Cyprus introduces the UCY Entrepreneur Award

The University of Cyprus Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) introduces the UCY Entrepreneur Award, a distinction honouring members of the University of Cyprus community who demonstrate success in innovative entrepreneurship.

Through this Award, C4E aspires to present and celebrate the achievements of recent or present affiliates of the University (alumni, researchers, students, faculty, employees), who created value for the economy and society through entrepreneurial activities characterized by traits like novelty, risk-taking, scientific or technical excellence, social responsibility, and an international outlook.

Eligible candidates are University of Cyprus faculty, researchers, post-doctorate and PhD students or alumni who have been enrolled at any University of Cyprus undergraduate or graduate program in the last ten years. Up to three (3) eligible candidates can be nominated together as one (1) team candidate.

The Council of Entrepreneurship of the University of Cyprus will be evaluating the nominees based on the following criteria:

a. Entrepreneurial activity demonstrating “an entrepreneurial mindset in scientific and scholarly work that embraces creativity, critical thinking, imagination, risk-taking and the bold experimentation with new ideas and transformative scientific approaches,” in accordance with the principles of C4E.

b. Entrepreneurial activity demonstrating novelty, risk-taking, scientific or technical excellence, social responsibility, and an international outlook.

c. Significant impact in serving the common good through job creation, novel products, processes and services, implemented by new or existing ventures, in private or public organizations, governmental institutions or non-governmental initiatives.

d. Contribution to the creation of a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Cyprus.

For more information on the application process and submission dates visit the Center for Entrepreneurship’s website.

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