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  • Philip Ammerman

Cyprus Seeds supports early-stage start-ups in Cyprus

Cyprus Seeds is a non-for-profit organization registered in Cyprus. Its mission is to support the commercialization of innovative academic research in universities and research institutions in Cyprus.

Cyprus Seeds provides grants, mentoring as well as training and advice to help research projects mature to a stage that can attract venture capital or funding from private investors.

The first cycle of the Cyprus Seeds Grants & Services takes place in 2019. The Call for Applications will open on March 6th and will be posted on their website.

Cyprus Seeds will have several tangible benefits for Cyprus:

  • The retention of talented young scientists in the country, to continue working on their innovative research ideas.

  • The planting of the seeds to create a new (technology driven) entrepreneurial culture in Cyprus.

  • The development of technology companies in Cyprus, creating highly skilled jobs and retaining Cypriot scientists on the ground. Maybe even enabling us to reverse the brain drain from which the country has suffered in past years.

  • Will help to improve links between worthy academic research and industry.

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