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Call for Experts in Maritime and Fisheries Policy

The European Commission is establishing a list of external experts to support evaluation and monitoring activities of actions under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) (2014-2020).

Field of Expertise

Candidates should specialised in one or more of the following fields related to the Integrated Maritime Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy, in particular:

Marine environment:

Marine biology

Marine ecosystems

Integrated coastal zone management

Marine environmental policies

Fisheries science

Maritime/blue economy, maritime engineering and technologies:

Aquaculture, seafood industry

Coastal and maritime tourism

Maritime services, waterborne transport, ports

Ocean engineering, shipping, shipbuilding

Marine renewable energy, offshore and underwater technologies

Marine biotechnology

Skills for the blue economy:

Education and training for maritime professions

Cross-cutting marine/maritime action areas:

Marine knowledge and research, ocean observation and monitoring, oceanography

Maritime security and surveillance

Maritime spatial planning

International ocean governance

Maritime economy

Marine and maritime data processing and analysis

This is an open call without a deadline, but with multiple expert evaluation intervals. (As such, it is recommended that experts register early).

Additional information for expert registration here.

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