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Innovation from Idea to Launch
About CIE
We foster entrepreneurship and innovation culture, skills and outcomes

Founded in 2016, CIE acts as the business incubator, consultant and mentor for innovation and entrepreneurship world-wide.  


We act as an Idea Laboratory, getting brilliant ideas from concept to prototype. We provide business incubation, acceleration and mentoring services to entrepreneurs and start-ups. We consult universities, governments and institutions on start-ups and innovation. 

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The Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter

The Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter was founded in 2010 by the partners of Navigator Consulting Group. The objectives of the Charter were to launch or support one new start-up per year between 2010 and 2020. 


As a consultancy focussed on business development and investment advisory, Navigator has unique skills to contribute. In 2010, we had advised on over € 5 billion in investment transactions, and had been working in the start-up space since 1996. 


Since 2010, we have invested in an supported 8 enterprises and consulted hundreds more in subjects such as innovation, growth, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and related subjects. 


CIE, the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, consolidates the lessons learned from this experience and prepares the ground for a systematisation and consolidation of activities. 

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